‘A perceptive story of love swept aside by history, packed with insight, compassion and piercing detail.’

ISABELLE GREY – Author of Good Girls Don’t Die. 

‘A heartbreaking story … on a chapter of South Asian history that has often been deemed too painfulto be explored fully.’

Nayomi Munaweera – Island of a 1000 Mirrors. 

‘The aroma of saffron, cumin, turmeric and a sprinkle of dried ginger embraces Where the River Parts with history, sorrows and an ultimate understanding of love . . . a love that goes beyond the borders of war and threats of hopelessness. Dhanyavaad, Radhika Swarup, thank you.’

Michele Zackheim – The Last Train to Paris 

‘Swarup is a master crafter of words; carving each sentence to perfection. Spanning continents and generations, Where the River Parts is an epic tale of love, loss and longing. It is also a paean to hope and friendship. It is undoubtedly a mature and confident literary offering from a writer who has announced her arrival in the world of quality fiction with a great new novel.’

India Strategic 

‘This book was bold in scope and it did not fail to disappoint. An epic story that spanned decades and showed some of the brutalities, desperation and sadness, and the ruining of the families and lives of so many… this story was as beautiful as it was shocking and I would highly recommend it. A very accomplished debut that had an almost cinematic feel to it, where I felt invested in the characters and the outcomes and where I had to gasp a few times as the events unfolded.’

Reflections of a Reader – 

‘This was such a beautiful book…. The writing is beautiful and the story just seemed to flow … This story is about survival but also love and friendship. A beautiful story that everyone needs to read!’

The Reader’s Corner – 

‘It would be easy to call Where the River Parts a romantic novel – it is, in one sense – but it’s so much more than that. It’s an examination of the choices a woman might make to survive in a world that’s hostile towards her… Swarup’s prose is clear and precise, describing moments of romance and friendship with the same clarity as violence and fear. ’

 Naomi Frisby –

‘I cried. In fact I sobbed. I don’t think you can read Where The River Parts and not show emotion! Where The Rivers Part is a story of a woman fleeing religious intolerance from her homeland to a place where she ultimately finds peace. It’s a story of hope and dreams (even when they’re shattered) and a love that touches your soul. It’s a Keeper.’

 Shaz Goodwin –

‘In Where the River Parts there is an exquisite telling of the violence and heartbreak of political turmoil from an intimate perspective… The sadness for me in reading this book is that so much of the same horror is being inflicted on people today. Radhika Swarup’s writing is so vivid… There is a real sense of place… It has everything from history and politics to geography and culture, but more importantly, it shows love and the enduring spirit of humanity. I thoroughly enjoyed it.’

 Linda’s Book Bag –

‘It’s an evocative read, and a book I would wholly recommend.’

 Amna Boheim –