Confessions Of A Good-Enough Mother
My son had just started at a new school. It was a new routine for all of us — earlier bedtimes, earlier mornings, homework and reading assignments, packed lunches to be prepared each morning — and I was struggling. My son himself, fortunately, was thriving in his new environment, but… Read Post

An Appeal to Modi: Don’t Fiddle While India Burns

The Roman Emperor Nero was accused of fiddling while Rome burnt. Nero, whose rule is often associated with extravagance and tyranny, focused a lot of his energy on foreign diplomacy. He blamed Christians — a minority community in Rome at the time — for starting the great fire of 64AD,… Read Post

Chetan Bhagat And The Anatomy Of A Bigot

I recently had the dubious pleasure of reading Chetan Bhagat’s Times of India blog post on the “Anatomy of a liberal”. The style of his piece is as frothy as ever, though sadly a little short on credible detail. If his analysis is to be believed, I… Read Post

A New Juggernaut Rolls Into Town, Brings Mobile Publishing To India

My Twitter timeline has been abuzz. Syria, you think. Rahul Gandhi’s latest speech. The lingering after-shocks of Cameron’s Piggate. Maybe even some Trump-related jokes. Think again. Ever since it announced its presence circa 6pm on 22 September, the brand new publishing house Juggernaut has not looked… Read Post

My Partition Inheritance

I begin this, my new entry for the 69th year of India’s independence, with a memory of old.A memory so old, in fact, that it predates me. It predates my father too, through whom I claim kinship with the event. It begins with my grandparents’ wedding, on 8 August,… Read Post

Just Call Me Bobby

People outside India find my name very hard to pronounce. Radhika, you think. It’s a simple enough name. As simple as Sarah, much simpler to the Indian diction than Elizabeth. But when it’s not the Indian mouth attempting to pronounce Radhika, the unfamiliar ‘dh’ proves an insurmountable obstacle. I’ve been… Read Post

It Was Hard Work That Got Me To Where I Am, Not Fate

When Napoleon was a young soldier, he visited a renowned palm reader to ask if he would ever become Emperor. The palm reader told him dismissively that he didn’t have a fate line.Napoleon drew his sword and etched a deep line – and so a fate line -… Read Post

Why We Don’t Feel For The Rohingya And Why We Should

Many Indians probably do not feel much sympathy for Rohingya Muslims, shunted out of their homes in Myanmar and turned away at border after border. Newly assertive in our nationhood, we are voicing concerns about illegal Bangladeshi immigrants seeping in through our porous borders. We are -… Read Post